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AFEuk aims, via The Exchange and MultiISA, to bring a sophisticated investment model to the Peer to Peer (P2P) marketplace currently only available to the
traditional investment industry.
By bringing together the resources, knowledgebase, data, analytics and statistics from across the marketplace; AFEuk will become the go-to resource in the P2P marketplace. 

Alternative Finance Exchange

The Alternative Finance Exchange offers a unique service that consolidates and simplifies the complex options for investments within the Alternative Finance marketplace. We value our independence and feel this gives us a competitive advantage as we look to target existing and new investors seeking returns on savings; but may be wary of the liquidity risk within the sector. 
The whole of market Secondary Exchange allows investors to trade in existing loan/investment contracts,
providing a valuable liquidity to the marketplace. 

  • Impartiality – Creating an exchange that is considered impartial and objective by its participants and does not favour one type of participant over another; for example, institutions looking for large volumes of transactions over individual investors looking for relatively smaller trades.
  • Transparency - Creating and showing adoption of a centralized exchange will allow both speculators and participant’s to benefit from the transparent pricing and the resultant understanding of their current positions.
  • Pricing - Optimising supply and demand, creating value on both the sell and buy side.  
  • Analytics –Gaining valuable market indicators as prices realized in secondary transactions will help originators with valuable insight as to the effective interest rates needed to be successful. While investors can see the perceived value of their existing assets; allowing them to change investment strategy if necessary.  
  • Participation – An independent secondary exchange will also encourage participation if they know there is a secondary market where they can easily get their money back, they will be more inclined to participate.
  • Liquidity –A fully functioning secondary market will increase the liquidity of P2P loans so increasing demand in the primary market. Additionally, higher liquidity could reduce the interest rate investors require as a trade off against liquidity risk. 
MultiISA's vision is to provide a one stop Individual Savings Account (ISA) Supermarket and go-to resource for investors; a unique offering in the ISA marketplace. We will be an independent, unbiased facilitator with whole of market access; bringing knowledge, data, analysis, statistics and diversification together in our new on-line platform.

AFEuk is offering a unique service that consolidates and simplifies the complex options for investments within the ISA market-place. With transparent automated advice models, an open approach to providing a full market view to consumers and a commitment to FCA regulations, we will build trust and a reputation for consumer-focused excellence.

Targeting 13million existing ISA subscribers and new consumers unhappy with the historic low returns of cash savings, we are looking to acquire clients by providing unique, fully FCA regulated services in a simple to use, on-the-go platform.

AFEuk's mission is to service 100,000 savers and investors within 5 years. Today, due to the complexity of investing and the knowledge and time required the majority of savers do not achieve the most competitive returns available or diversify their investments.

Our team of investment experts, with the help of software algorithms, will manage customers’ plans 24/7 and make all the investing decisions, to ensure that their money is working as hard as possible and delivering competitive returns. 
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